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Child Photographer Michigan

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Jasmine and Jade…. Love the names. This is the third time shooting these two… at 3 years old Jade has really warmed up to getting her photo taken and has developed a personality that I have fell head over heels for… maybe it’s my mommy hormones kicking in but I feel so connected to the love these two share. Jasmine, you’ve made me want to be just like you when my baby is born… you did such a good job raising Jade. Thank you for being so loving to your daughter!

PS. Love this time of the day. I encourage it at every shoot. 7-9pm is when the sun just peeks behind the trees and gives a warm loving glow. It makes me want to stay forever.

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Baby Momma =)


I don’t normally do Pregnancy shoots… but I had to do this one. This is Desiree! This beauty is a military wife, pregnant with her first child. She keeps herself busy by running a business of her own… She has a talent that only a handful of people possess. She designs dresses, hats, and fascinators. She designed the dress and fascinator hat in the following photos. Ughhhhh…. drool.. I wish I had this talent… but.. at least I know someone who could design something for me in the future!

Check out her facebook and website


The Pregnant Photographer


Yes… I am writing about this. I am a private person and don’t like a whole lot of attention… weird…

So here I go… no more hiding.

I am pregnant…


Having a wee one
(my least favorite) Eggo

I must say, the first thought I had: “What about these weddings!”

Long story short. It will be OK… and so far it has.

First 3 months were a breeze (everyone is different)… call me lucky. With a fantastic-nutritional-mentor-friend-lady (I really don’t know what her title is… so I made one up) and a super-awesome-strong-midwife, I was able to conquer the dreaded first trimester. The trick is to stay active and eat healthy… doesn’t get easier than that.

I did the exact opposite of what the doctor said… I planted a too-big-for-my-yard garden, increased my walking time, Painted two rooms, rode a bike, and did a major photo session every week since I found out.

I did nap from time to time… usually on accident. I would get motivated to do something then my husband would find me face down on the love seat…. 5’8 women don’t normally fit on those. =)

Just had a few real pregnancy “symptoms”: Strawberry cravings, weeping before the title of “The Lion King” even appeared (although I did that anyways), and finally the “she’s gaining some weight” stares.

I thought I would share from time to time, for other photographers mostly, what it is like to do what seems to be the impossible. Shoot a 9-14 hour wedding. An emotional, dehydrating, foodless, napless, sometimes stressful, high energy fun zone.

Wedding 1 through 6 were a breeze (In fact I shot with another pregnant photographer with twins and five other pregnant girls in the same wedding). I learned to pack the following for the future weddings…
Water (lots)
cliff bars
Nuts and dried fruit
Some kind of bread or cracker
extra clothes (I do this anyways… I sweat a lot)
comfy shoes
a second shooter (for the potty breaks)
also and important thing to carry in my back pocket: A professional available primary photographer, ready to take over when I call. I don’t think It will happen… all my weddings are within good time… but it’s good to feel safe.

So far I am enjoying the experience and I am actually pretty OK with the many belly pats that I get from wedding attendants/guests and the silly questions (sometimes sympathy) from the groomsmen.

Here goes. Pretty excited.

Thank you Josh Mccoy for the first photo.

Another pregnant photographer story here


Senior Packages!!! NEW stuff!

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Just wanted to give you a peek at the senior packaging:

And introduce the Senior Album! mmhmmm… Each is designed individually. With your choice of colors! Suede (as shown with metallic texture), Leather, fabric, or Animal prints are available! These can also be awesome for family and wedding portraits! Can you picture a baby album in pastels… ugh.. just amazing.
Featured is a 10×4 hand crafted album. Larger sizes and square are also available!

A special thank you goes out to Daniel’s ElCamino. You’re good for something =)