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Hillsdale MI Strip |Stocking stuffers

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I did some stocking stuffer / Friend gift shopping downtown Hillsdale Michigan today!!  I love stockings!   I love the little gifts! The meaningful and the unique~ Gift cards are always great!  Humans like to touch things~  Ask my five year old…. A physical gift is so personal.

I have a handful of favorite stores~ I shopped for all the ladies on my list in less than two hours~ EASY!  If you end up at any of these shops to buy gifts send me a picture of what you gifted on my facebook wall and be entered in a drawing for a free photoshoot ($400 value)!!!  Drawing Held  on December 24th!

Most of these shops are open as early as 9:30 am (or earlier if it has the word coffee somewhere on their sign)…Stores on the “H strip”  close about 6pm.

I started at Checker Records for my usual: Medium mocha with almond milk, 2 shots, no whip. I bought a hat for myself and am going back for some guitar strings for Perry’s stocking! Here are a few more stocking stuffers!  (If you have a realllllly big stocking may I suggest a record player?!?!) 2016-12-16_0012

I stepped into the beautiful  Maribeth’s to eye drool all over their ornaments… I don’t like to buy ornaments for myself..  For it to be meaningful it has to be a gift or handmade… i will keep it forever!   This is were I bought my ornaments for ornament  exchanges.  Which I don’t get to go to anymore… because I don’t have employees.  WAIT!  I can still have this party…That means I can buy one for me! Just like bosses day!

They have soap, candles (I was told they will be marked down this week!), the nicest slippers, cups, jewellery, those awesome moon necklaces  are on sale! I bought a sweater (the softest thing ever….I’m not here for me -I am not here for me!)for my mother in law and few little trinkets for my friends!


I popped into Volume One to get some vintage books… Not a stocking stuffer but if you want to go on a hunt for something vintage or super unique this place is fun.  They have a section with some old records!  Love that section.


I got to step into my friend Patti’s adorable (newly remodeled) place (name drop!) Maggie Anne’s!  This is my most favorite places to top off my stockings (and under tree gifts)! What’s cooler than socks for Christmas (socks in a stocking is a need!)  They have the cutest socks in town!  Seriously! Michigan awesome gear (and food… food is the most practice and welcomed gift!) is also available!  Mugs!  I love mugs.. they have great mugs. Stationary, scarves (I bought two!  They are so soft.. the have a couple newer styles I haven’t seen anywhere else too!).  Maggie Anne’s has a few sales going on!  They even have a deal of the day!  I took advantage of the sale socks yesterday!

2016-12-16_00062016-12-16_00052016-12-16_0007Modeling one of the unique scarves I’ve been wanting!  Love it!



Smith’s was inviting as always!  I like to just walk in and sniff flowers and buy chocolate…. If you haven’t had debrand’s chocolate (located in Fort Wayne) then here is your chance for some reallllll good chocolate.  They make this stuff in a castle. Can’t go wrong.  They have yummy teas, trinkets, a brilliant display of body care and smellys.  And because they are a flower shop.. you can’t go wrong with flowers.  They have these tiny poinsettias that i squealed over. I got some for my neighbors!  CUUUUTE.


Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

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You are my sunshine… My only

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Whatever is happening in my world, in my country, in my community, among my friends, in my family, and my heart….  My soul finds rest in God alone… My salvation comes from Him.

I feel this needs to be known about me.


I would like to share some photos of my gifts, my challenges, my growth, my sunshine…

Thank you Diana from Lifelight for taking some time out to take these photos.


















You’ll never know dear how much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away.





Family A- Fair!


So. My favorite season is coming to a close. I have 7 albums to make, 4 weddings to edit and blog, 2 Print orders to fill, and a pear in a pear tree.

I’m going to take a break from weddings for a second to give you soon to be married folk a little something to look forward too.

This family has a tradition. The fair. They look forward to the fair every year! The smells, the food, the sounds….
THey don’t just go to the fair. They participate!

Husband and wife duke it out for first place in a carefully chosen category. This year. Baked goods.
I am so inspired and excited to try this for ours selves! What a fun date! This should be pinterested and added to the date night bored.
PS. Thank you for the deep fried Snickers. I never really recovered from the goodness.


Photosession turned play date


Posting these real quickly before going to bed. I’ll let you add commentary… The forth and fifth ones crack me up… He was nervous… then she took his hand… then he remembered he forgot his cootie shot!
By the end of the floor kicking session… they were buds… They chatted and played WWF. Lilly won by a foot it looks like. =)

Fun fact =======>>> Lilly was born four days after Perry! so cool!


A Saturday afternoon with my family


My little man a day before 4 months. I am noticing that I am not picky with my child’s photography as I am with others… There are no rules… I don’t look for the best light or best background or the best clothes or make him smile. I shot him where he napped… wearing what he slept in… in our messy bedroom on blanket laundry day… We all were sick and also wearing what we woke up in. I look through the photo boxes from my childhood and those photos are the same. I treasure those more than the photos my parents got at Olen Mills. I’m not saying props, background, and smiles are not important… It’s nice to see your child from someone else’s view and to have fun with it… I believe in taking photos that will help us remember the day we were all sick, how Daniel played with Perry, and how we didn’t have time to keep our house (or ourselves) tidy, and most importantly… how happy or little boy was when he woke from his naps. Let your baby cry when he is with Santa, get muddy, destroy your house, pick his nose… just be there with a camera in hand.


Justin and Meghan Engaged! Southern Michigan Photographer

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You don’t eeeeeven know how lucky we had it yesterday…. DID YOU GO OUTSIDE!? It was like 50 degrees and sunny… for Michigan in January, that’s a big deal! It was therapeutic to be outside in the sun in midwinter, shooting a fantastic couple who will be getting hitched this year! For wanting snow pictures I think we agreed that the warm weather was even sweeter.

Justin and Meghan love to travel, cuddle, and playing chess. So for their engagement photos they brought a game that they played for an African trip, they cuddled… a lot, and they brought their chess board. I love adding symbols of love =) <——my symbol is cheese.


see… we got some snow. =)