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Christmas Photobooth week 2 and 3

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I just need to say Thank You to some amazing vendors and helpers~ A special thank you to Smith’s Flowers Town and Country for the greenery and your vision and your need to please! Thank you to Crystal Dane for helping with organizing, greeting guests, lending your Syrup buckets, doors, cloth, and signs, and great conversation! Thank you to Kay L Garrison and Christy Ash for the lanterns! They were a favorite! The most beautiful lanterns ever! Thank you Glei’s Orchards and Greenhouses for the trees and Jilly Beans Coffee House for the Trees! @Marybeth’s for the awesome wool rug! Checker Recordsto Checker Records and Jilly Beans Coffee House for supplying my coffee and a warm spot to thaw! Marybeth’s for saving that rug for me! And a HUGE thank you to Abe Dane and Lucky Buck for letting me use the historic Stock’s Mill! This wouldn’t have been possible without your generosity and hospitality! And Finally and most importantly my husband Daniel! He was my muscle and brains! He was my Chip. He built the arch, hung the lights, lifted furniture/tanks/trees up two flights of stairs, Filled in holes, made the place safe, cleaned the floors, painted walls, was there when it was the darkest without flinching (except the bike freaked him out). He put to side his needs to watch the children every weekend. He thought of the heater… He is my practical man. I would have failed in many ways if it wasn’t for him. Thank you so much! *tissues please*
I do this for my community and with my community. This wasn’t for me. This was for you. I love you all! Thank you for making my business what it is. I love my job because you love and trust me. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Here is a fun recap!

2016-12-12_00042016-12-12_00032016-12-12_00022016-12-12_00022016-12-12_00032016-12-12_00042016-12-12_00052016-12-12_00062016-12-12_00082016-12-12_00092016-12-12_00102016-12-12_00112016-12-12_00122016-12-12_00132016-12-12_00142016-12-12_00152016-12-12_00162016-12-12_00172016-12-12_00182016-12-12_00192016-12-12_00202016-12-12_00212016-12-12_00222016-12-12_00232016-12-12_00242016-12-12_00252016-12-12_00262016-12-12_00272016-12-12_00282016-12-12_00292016-12-12_00302016-12-12_00312016-12-12_00322016-12-12_00332016-12-12_00342016-12-12_00352016-12-12_00362016-12-12_00372016-12-12_00382016-12-12_00392016-12-12_00402016-12-12_00412016-12-12_00422016-12-12_00432016-12-12_00442016-12-12_00452016-12-12_00462016-12-12_00472016-12-12_00482016-12-12_00492016-12-12_00502016-12-12_00512016-12-12_00522016-12-12_00532016-12-12_0054now to work off the donuts…. 2016-12-12_0055

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