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Photobooth at the Mill 2016 Blog 2

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It’s not finished yet!  But maybe you would like to see what is happening so far!


Adding a tree or greenery here2016-11-22_00022016-11-22_0003Greenery and logs will be added!2016-11-22_00042016-11-22_00052016-11-22_0009This might not be used… but thought it would be cool for kids2016-11-22_0008This is work in progress adding greener around the top of the arch… picking up more lanterns and lighting the candles which will illuminate the floor! 2016-11-22_0007There are two more spots I need to finish!  I will be hanging these bulbs infront of the blue wall!  I needed a picture of a person to show the color… and because it was just me.. well.. Let’s get personal… This is my wake up face!    The green couch space will be reveled soooon!


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