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Mitch & Liz | Flint Michigan Wedding Photographer

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Mitch and Liz were easy!  This wedding flowed so well!  Nothing went wrong!  Smoooooth.. I am over joyed to show you this wedding. I have dreamed to shoot such a wedding!  I can cross glitter dresses off my “wedding bucket list”.   I must say Flint is a beautiful little city.  I will be back!  A special thank you to Cafe Rhema for letting us cool off and enjoy an iced coffee in your beautiful establishment.

I loved the 20’s feel!  Red lips, lacey sleeves, blue hues, sweet updos.

Sit back and enjoy some of my most favorite photos!  2016-06-20_00022016-06-20_00052016-06-20_00062016-06-20_00072016-06-20_00032016-06-20_00042016-06-20_00082016-06-20_00092016-06-20_00102016-06-20_00112016-06-20_00122016-06-20_00132016-06-20_00142016-06-20_00152016-06-20_00162016-06-20_00192016-06-20_00202016-06-20_00212016-06-20_00222016-06-20_00232016-06-20_00242016-06-20_00252016-06-20_00262016-06-20_00272016-06-20_00282016-06-20_00292016-06-20_00182016-06-20_00302016-06-20_00312016-06-20_00332016-06-20_00342016-06-20_00362016-06-20_00372016-06-20_00382016-06-20_00392016-06-20_0040

Second shooter:  The amazing Evis for being so cool! Seriously.. I could hang out with you all day.

Ceremony: St Michael’s Catholic Church

Reception: Northbank Center

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