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Matt and Grace | Hillsdale Michigan Wedding

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This is the hardest part… writing about how much you adore a wedding without making anyone jealous…
No shame.. This was a favorite and special to me. A refreshing classic wedding with classy (and incredibly beautiful) people. Matt and Grace, You are the sweetest couple! I can’t wait to see what gifts come to you in the future!

2014-09-04_00022014-09-04_00032014-09-04_00042014-09-04_00052014-09-04_00062014-09-04_00072014-09-04_00082014-09-04_00092014-09-04_00102014-09-04_00112014-09-04_00122014-09-04_00132014-09-04_00142014-09-04_00152014-09-04_00162014-09-04_00182014-09-04_00192014-09-04_00202014-09-04_00212014-09-04_0022Hillsdale College wedding

Flower’s: (Only the best) Smith’ flowers
Venue: Hillsdale College Howard Music Hall
Catering: (Always the greatest food!) Saga Foods (Marty Morrison)
Cake: Cake Thyme (growing popularity!)

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