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Matt an Amber Get Married| Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia Wedding


I’m just going to say it…. I just can’t believe how perfect this wedding was! I’ve been putting off this blog because I can’t find the right words to describe it!

First Australia was as beautiful as I had imagined it would be and more. The people were genuinely friendly, the food was amazing, it felt safe, and again it was incredibly beautiful. Almost every person I had met was gorgeous, confident, and natural.
Matt, Amber, and family welcomed me with open arms and kept them lovingly around me the whole time. I felt like we were friends for years and years. I cried like a baby when I left them.
I wanted to fly my family there and never look back.

I was giddy with excitement when I saw the place where we were staying. A family farm nestled amongst the rolling hills… It was also the ceremony location. Excited! See the little white house… It was actually a lot bigger than that. It was just surrounded by acres and acres of beautiful land! Gives you an idea of what there was to play with.
Queensland Australia Wedding

The morning of the wedding Matt and Amber spent the morning together writing their vows and decorating the ceremony tree) with best man and family, maid of honor, and Matt’s adorable and super photogenic children. As others arrived the house filled with music and laughter. The morning was mellow. There was no plan. AMber even made her boquet of lavender that morning. It was go with the flow. Perfect.
The weather toyed with us. It started out sunny and hot… to windy… to chance of rain… and ended with a beautiful haze, warm breeze, and perfect temperatures. The sun was a dream. I’ve never had such a perfect day to photograph a wedding.
Queensland Australia Wedding
Queensland Australia WeddingInstead of the traditional bride walking down the aisle… The groom walked to the end of the drive at the bottom of the scenic hill. Amber was driven down so they can embrace before walking up the long aisle to their loved ones.
Queensland Australia Wedding

And just like a romantic movie… Matt’s son and daughter ran to Matt and Amber as they finished walking up the hill.
Everyone then followed them to the tree decorated with a whimsical banner made with a collection of vintage cloth.

Queensland Australia Wedding
The ceremony was short and entertaining. The vows, which were verses from songs (like Meatloaf’s “i will do anything for love), were passed around to all the guests and read out load. Adorable. Matt’s sweet daughter bestows the ring to amber in a regal way.
Queensland Australia Wedding

and then… we followed the beautiful sun to capture two real people in true love. I was going to explode with happiness during this time with them.

Queensland Australia Wedding

Queensland Australia Wedding
^^^How cute are these kids! Polite, fun, spunky, happy, and as sweet as can be!^^^^

The reception was simple and rustic. Filled with heart warming and emotional speeches, spirited dancing, delicious home cooked meal, and a husband who sang a love song to his beautiful wife… complete with some adorable dancing penguins of course.
Queensland Australia Wedding

There was so much happening during that week. I wish i could put it into words. I can only close my eyes and let the day play in my head. My new friends.. I love you all! You are unforgettable! I will see you again! I will make it happen!

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  1. “Love it will not betray you
    Dismay or enslave you, it will set you free
    Be more like the man you were made to be
    There is a design, an alignment, a cry
    Of my heart to see,
    The beauty of love as it was made to be” Mumford and Sons


  2. Absolutely stunning photos.. You are an exceptional photographer and it was so lovely meeting you .. Char (the hair girl 😉 x


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