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Jake and Jessica Wedding! | Hastings Michigan


Awwww Jake and Jessica!!!
I found myself saying, “SO cute so cute so cute…” The entire time I edited. Because they are so so so cute!

There are a lot of details! So stroll (or scroll) with me….

A backyard wedding! A beautiful family estate with high grasses and a variety of mature trees.  Love the covered hay bails.
DIY weddingJessicas mom’s dress! Slightly altered with the date sown in~


Handmade invites!!! So adorable!! (so cute so cute so cute)

storyboard004Tom’s shoes!  Holler!

storyboard005storyboard006 storyboard007
Special moment for brides maids. The girls didn’t know what the dressed looked like. What a sweet surprise for them!
storyboard008First look in the field!  Loved!!  They are so so so cute!!!  While they took a moment to embrace… the clouds started to roll in.   Thunder in the background and a cool breeze followed.  No rain at this point though.. it really added to the beauty of this nature themed wedding.storyboard009 storyboard010 storyboard011 storyboard012 storyboard013 storyboard014 storyboard015 storyboard016 storyboard017 storyboard018

A photographers dream! I was given nearly two hours to play with this group! Let me inspire you to do the same:

storyboard019 storyboard020storyboard021

It started to rain a little bit… we took shelter in a barn in Charlton Park.  We took advantage of the beautiful light!  storyboard022 storyboard023 storyboard024

So cute so cute!! You are saying it too!

storyboard025 storyboard026Easy going ceremony!  Beautiful music by my lovely friend (and past bride) Amy! storyboard028 storyboard027 storyboard029 storyboard030

This is one of my favorite alternatives to the unity candle! I wish I had done this when I got married!  One of my most favorite parts of the ceremony was when wedding guests came up to bless Jake and Jessica together! Emotional!

storyboard031 storyboard032 storyboard033 storyboard034


storyboard035Lots of details at the reception that was held in a pavilion in a park! Almost every detail has a story! storyboard038 storyboard036 storyboard039

The bouquet toss! The single ladies got little handmade flags with their names on it to put on the lawn… the flowers will land next to the winning flag! And… slingshot bouquets are a must!

storyboard041 storyboard042 storyboard043 storyboard044 storyboard045 storyboard046

Fun Videographer’s! Check them out!!! Lane and Mindy Gordon from Vintage Story Books

Check out the video from the day!!! Thanks for sharing you guys!

It was awesome to have Erica as my associate photographer!! Amazing photos from her!!! Bellerose Photography

Hair Stylists: Razor’s Edge in Hasting’s MIchigan
Caterer: Galesburg Meat Co. loooved the BBQ!
Reception: Charlton Park
Band:Global Village

Yummy Pie from Continental Bakery!

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  1. I had no idea that Charlton Park could be such an awesome wedding venue. Couple appears to be extraordinary! Love the moments you captured 🙂


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