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Dylan and Mattie | South Haven Michigan Wedding Photography

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South Haven Michigan wedding
MMM Lake Michigan…. I love this side of the state. Lots of memories along the coast. Speaking of memories…. Dylan and Mattie made a new one! They got Married on beautiful South Beach. The weather was so perfect…. Hazy, warm, with a cool breeze.

Mattie and I kept in contact (via email and instagram) while Dylan served our country over seas. Dylan also sent me a great postcard a few months before the wedding. I know we will continue to be friends.

Navy Blue was the perfect color for the girls airy dresses and Dylan’s tie was one of my favorite little details. The ceremony was set up so simple. Succulents in the sand lead to an arch that the groomsmen put together that morning. Guests took off their shoes and stood in the soft warm sand as they waited for the ceremony to begin.

The weather continued to be amazing through out the night while we celebrated at foundry hall. Twinkling lights on each table set a romantic playful mood in this dark vintage hall. Dylan and Mattie didn’t venture too far from each other the entire night… every once in a while they would wonder off in opposite directions… but not with out a kiss.


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