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Zack and Tonya | Olivet Wedding

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Much love to these two! I remember when we first got together… It was a day that everything in town was closed and we ended up going to a tiny restaurant that had an indie-truck-stop-movie feel. We instantly bonded.

Hot pink and black were the colors that was planned around their love of fly tying.
Some of my favorite memories:
~Their ceremony was so genuine and sweet. Loved every second. Zack really loves Tonya.
~Hot Pink dresses ya’ll… Hot Pink. It brings a smile to my face. I love a little boldness in my life. They all looked so good!
~It rained earlier that day which made our planned locations a little difficult to maneuver but they were more than happy to follow me to a field I was eye balling on the way! The field and hot pink attire worked look awesome!
~The wedding party made a last minute decision to take cupcakes to the guests! How sweet! (yummy cupcakes too)

I wish you the best and can’t wait to see you again!

Kalamazoo Wedding storyboardcomp002storyboardcomp003storyboardcomp004storyboardcomp005storyboardcomp006storyboard040

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