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Ben and MacKenzie Hillsdale Michigan Wedding

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The weather has been super kind this spring! When golden hour is as beautiful as it has been, I take advantage of it! I love the opportunity to take a new married couple away from the party for a little breather and some photographs. “It’s like recharging the batteries” is what I have been told. Well.. while the batteries are charging I am getting amazing photographs… it’s a win win.

Ben and Mackenzie jumped at this chance! I am so glad they did. The ceremony and reception location had an amazing view. A valley with a budding forest with a mix of pine and birch as far as you can see. I felt like I was in another state. It was in my hometown.. Why have I never seen this magical place before!

Add a charming and fun couple in this mix and you have a piece of something so fantastic that the word doesn’t exist….yet. I love it!

Speaking of charm. This wedding had it. The cake smelled so good. I say if you can smell the cake or if it is slowly falling apart (this cake stayed perfect) then it has to taste incredible. It did! It was gooood…
The tables sparkled with DIY centerpieces. The dance floor/ceremony location glowed with red accent lights behind a sheer curtain. Each piece of china was unique! The couple put a lot of time into hunting antique/thrift stores for all of the plates. It was well worth it. One of my most favorite details!

They are an incredibly sweet and fun couple and I hope to see them again so soon!

Hillsdale Michigan Wedding

Hillsdale Michigan Photography

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