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Indianapolis Wedding Photographer | Josh and Jen Carnival Wedding!


Visualize this:

You are a wedding photographer of many years… and you are planning your wedding.


I was not a wedding photographer (and was not invited to weddings) before i got married. I planned it in four months. I didn’t care about details (mostly because i didn’t know how exciting they would have been!). Fast forward 10 years. I have been to over 300 weddings since my own. I want to redo every tiny piece of my wedding (except the man I married and the cake). And my mind changes with every wedding I attend.

So here is where I am going with this:

Josh and Jen are wedding photographers Baby Grace Photography… They planned a wedding… like. Nothing. I. have. ever. seen. or heard of. “WOW” was the word of the day on their wedding day (I pictured Peewee Herman and Chairy getting all excited).

Carnival themed… with lots and lots and lots and lots of details all DIY and all with meaning. It starts out like a normal day in the pent house suite. Hair, make up, mimosas… 90s Hip Hop. Bride and Groom are calm. I start shooting details right away. As I am shooting details I find out that the flowers (paper flowers!), and other decor were all made by a sweet friend… Who was also the ring master at this event and also the officiant (Yeah Patra!). Let me explain in photos:

alexnader hotel penthousealexander hotel lobby wedding

First look was an emotional one… Loooook at Josh’s face!!! So sweet.

Insert more 90’s hip hop and a trip on the Mustache Ride the Mustache Ride (the transportation).  Wedding party was so fun! The weather was perfect!
downtown indianapolis weddingindianapolis wedding partyvintage bride groom
Kids! This wedding was thought up with kids in mind! Balloons, a Mime, A freak show, portrait artists, jugglers, fire dancers, cotton candy at the ceremony, And a beautiful tribute for Jen’s sweet baby girl Maya who passed away from Cancer at a young age… A group of children walked down the isle to release balloons in honor of Maya. The adults teared up and the children laughed and smiled. A site I will never forget! A wedding I will never forget.
Enjoy the photos.
Carnival Wedding Detailsballoon ceremonyCarnival weddingCarnival weddingcarnival reception detailsAlexander hotel

Thank you Michael Metts for second shooting! Your energy and photo-journalistic eye was exactly what I needed for this phenomenal wedding. Thank you crouching, standing, climbing, and jumping while shooting.
Check out more from the wedding at Michael’s blog Here

My favorite DJ Action Jackson did awesome. Kept the party moving even on a Sunday night. So happy to work with him again.

Venue:The Alexander Hotel in Indianapolis Indiana (Josh and Jen’s wedding is the first outdoor ceremony here!)

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  1. Everyone asks me, ” How did you choose your photographer? It must of been hard? ” When the day was there you were such a calming spirit. It was an easy choice and I couldn’t have been happier with that decision. Thank goodness you were able to shoot our wedding. I ADORE the photographs. This blog is so thoughtful and sweet and very accurately portrays the day. This has far exceeded my expectations and I so happy to have these to cherish for years to come! They will be adorning my wall now instead of everyone elses weddings 😉 Love you, Love the work and your dancing skills!


  2. This was such a treasure to see, to read..and to feel. Incredible story and the talent and work involved is strings to (my) heart. Absolutely “mind blowing.”


  3. This made me cry! what a wonderful day and they will forever have your beautiful pictures to look back on!


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