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Jeremiah and Holly Wedding


This wasn’t just a wedding. It was a celebration! A “real” wedding is what it was called. And I agree! We need to walk and talk to really get the feel of this one.

~HOLLY! You have sass and beauty. I think this photo really brings that out. ~I never thought I was a shoe girl. But I am now!!
~ Have you ever seen a groom’s ring like this one?(keep the peanuts and acorns in mind… there’s a theme a brewing)
~I’m in love with this dress. the shoulder strap was amazing and I.Love.Poof. and. shimmer.
~ JEREMIAH! So handsome and uggg.. that smile is awesome. I loved his suit. I also married a slim man (the best kind *wink*) It is hard to find fitting clothes and this suit was super hot on him. Tailored perfectly.
~ Hollys Parent’s house was redesigned to look retro. Yes. Every single room in the house was authentic retro. I may go back to the house and take pictures just so I could show you. So impressed.

Couple more photos to show off their hottness. I adore Holly’s sisters. They really love each other!
The wedding party was so much fun to work with. So kind and willing. =)

The Ceremony. All kinds of surprises!
~Tears all around!
~Holly’s dad played a song while Holly walked down the aisle
~Jeremiah’s dad officiated
~The ring was secret service complete with sunglasses and brief case where the rings were safely kept and hand cuffed to the young man’s wrist.

~just after their kiss as husband and wife, one of Holly’s sweet sisters sang a beautiful song.
Usually, the bride and groom walk down the aisle at this point…. But mom and dad had a surprise. Out of no where the href=”http://”>Black Diamond Black Diamond appears.
Holly is a huge fan of Neil Diamond! The Black Diamond is a very famous Neil Diamond impersonator. The excitement of the entire ceremony had everyone forgetting about the cold and rain. As everyone filed back inside the barn, I over heard people talking about how they felt so entertained and how unforgettable the wedding was! It really was amazing. And the night had just begun!

Check out the details! They made these adorable little buildings with nuts and acorns. There was a different one at every table. also at the tables were little boxes with treats, candles, fun place mats individually decorated with photos, quotes, and lots of color!
All the flowers were also handmade. She totally went all out!

The party never stopped after dinner. They had a fantastic live band (the head singer looked a lot like that guy from Maroon 5) and Black Diamond played during breaks!

Well done you two!
Well Done~

Extra Thank you to Erica, from Belle Rose Photography, who did an amazing job second shooting for me!

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  1. Ahhhhh! I am so happy, Jennifer! You did such an amazing job capturing the night. All those emotions are flooding back! I love, love, love you! Best photographer ever!


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