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Family A- Fair!


So. My favorite season is coming to a close. I have 7 albums to make, 4 weddings to edit and blog, 2 Print orders to fill, and a pear in a pear tree.

I’m going to take a break from weddings for a second to give you soon to be married folk a little something to look forward too.

This family has a tradition. The fair. They look forward to the fair every year! The smells, the food, the sounds….
THey don’t just go to the fair. They participate!

Husband and wife duke it out for first place in a carefully chosen category. This year. Baked goods.
I am so inspired and excited to try this for ours selves! What a fun date! This should be pinterested and added to the date night bored.
PS. Thank you for the deep fried Snickers. I never really recovered from the goodness.

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  1. The Falkes are the Most adorable family ever! They are all so sweet and I love that Parker! He’s so totally adorable. I wish this family were in my family! The Falkes give me hope for happy people in our society. Love, love, love, this album. Peace and hugs to all.


  2. The fair is my favorite time of year and as you know, last year was the first time I got to go in 10 years!!! The smells took me back to my childhood and I hated to leave. Thank you for allowing me to go again through your pictures!


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