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A little family time in Pittsburgh PA

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One of the summer memories we will treasure this year would be the time we had at the many hotels we stayed at because of my awesome job! From the time Perry was 3 months old, we have stayed in a hotel at least every other weekend. Because of his age we had to keep him as close to mommy as possible! We were blessed to not have any problems and we never got kicked out of the hotels! His first time in a pool was at a hotel! =)
If he could talk, He would tell you that the many many many unnecessary pillows they throw on the bed were his favorite.
This is the photo story of our recent Out of state trips to Pennsylvania PA!

Modeling for my light tests… It is important for photographers to marry hot men.

I couldn’t think of anything really clever for the next photo except: We saw Aliens.

Booger check

Ending the day with babies first Chick fil’a

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