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Meghan and Justin An Orchard Wedding!

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Ahhhhhhh! I love love love love this wedding! I love love love love this couple even more! What a sweet and amazing pair. They deserved the beautiful day they had.

Please. Soak in the details.. I couldn’t even fit them all in.

My favorite piece of detail?
The Dress! It was her Mom’s dress!!! Slightly redesigned to fit Meghan’s style. I loved the tea stained buttons and the delicate lace. I just witness a one of the kind masterpiece.

Also really cool: Every girl wore different colored dresses and the guys wore suspenders… hold. me. back. I think suspenders are crazy business! Love it!

One of my favorite couples.
I will be working with them again someday!

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  1. The wedding was truly beautiful, and you are a very talented photographer! I’m so glad their day was caputured so wonderfully! šŸ™‚


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