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Eric and Amy: Mount Pleasant MI Wedding


I’ve been sitting here thinking about all the nice things about this wedding… The decorations, the beautiful music at the ceremony, the fantastic guests, the dress, the flowers, the simplicity, how smooth things went… all of these things were amazing. But what Amy said to me, while we were alone waiting for her darling friend to come do her hair, changed they way I shoot weddings… or even how I think about weddings. It even brought back memories of my own wedding…

“All of our friends & family are our wedding party”.

Eric and Amy put the entire wedding together with the help of so many friends and family. Everything in the wedding had a story… a tearful story, a joyful story, or a funny story… but all involving family and friends. They didn’t have a wedding party… They didn’t need one. Every guest at the wedding played a part in their lives in some special way.

They even gave a toast to their guests! How sweet is that!

I had almost forgotten how important family and friends are when it comes to marriage… and how often we forget that as wedding guests, we are responsible, as witnesses, to keep the marriage strong and together.

Anyways. *sniff*

Also, No wedding party means more time with the bride and groom for me =). hey hey

DJ: Friend
Photography location: Down town Mt Pleasant
Reception hall: Pohl Cat
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