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Kody and Melissa Illinois Wedding


I am a sucker for DIY weddings. I just want to remind all the brides looking to do it this way that it is a lot of work.. but.. I also want to say… IT IS SOOOOO REWARDING! Kody, Melissa, and family worked so hard on this wedding.. There were details everywhere you turned. And the most impressive thing? THe gazebo by the water where they had their ceremony… yeah… Kody and his family built themselves… just for the wedding. There were streamers, lanterns, hanging flowers, string lights, and paper birds.. and even a hand made back drop in the middle of the woods. Yeah.. I half way feel like this was all prepared just for me… or Pinterest… It was eye candy that’s for sure.

Kody and Melissa! You are kind, organized, and playful and so easy to work with. I wish you the best!!

Love JEN


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  1. Those are really cute wedding favors, and it looks like everyone had an awesome time. Thanks for sharing your special day!


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