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While doing a wedding out yonder, I’ve noticed my use of slang is… Well… Not useful.
While calling to the bridal party to ‘come round’ for a photo, I used, “hey u guys”. To which only the groomsmen responded and a discussion of how a group of people should be called begin…. Y’all doesn’t come natural to me… Neither does everybody or err body. So a groomsmen reminded me that ‘yins’ is still a word (my mom used this to call us… that and Kiddies). Yes! Yins it is. Now… Yins come back this week for a pretty spectacular Illinois wedding blog.
Quote of the day: (via my husbands response to my confusion of the many police men on bikes downtown Chicago)
What are NATOs and are they nice?

(Thank you Karina Metts of Metts photography for helping me with the slang terms while writing this!)

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