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Beautiful people make beautiful babies! Indianapolis family photographer

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oh my gosh! I forgot to hit send… like three weeks ago! Well.. I guess this is up just in time for Lilly’s 6 month birthday!

I can already tell you. I am in love with this little girl. Since having Perry my world has changed and I love babies more than ever!

Kyle and Leslie had one of the most exciting weddings I had ever done! I am thrilled that they contacted me to come to Indianapolis to meet little Lilly (who was born 4 days after my little man). Perry, Daniel, and I spent most the afternoon in their awesome home. Perry and Lilly even took naps together. They are very similar those too. Maybe that’s why I love her so much!

What a great day with great friends and great conversation!
I can’t wait to see them all again!

Check out her room. It’s super cute and I have color envy right now.

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  1. Nice work Jen! I especially like the first one with the dog where he’s looking at the baby all “no way” 🙂


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