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A Saturday afternoon with my family


My little man a day before 4 months. I am noticing that I am not picky with my child’s photography as I am with others… There are no rules… I don’t look for the best light or best background or the best clothes or make him smile. I shot him where he napped… wearing what he slept in… in our messy bedroom on blanket laundry day… We all were sick and also wearing what we woke up in. I look through the photo boxes from my childhood and those photos are the same. I treasure those more than the photos my parents got at Olen Mills. I’m not saying props, background, and smiles are not important… It’s nice to see your child from someone else’s view and to have fun with it… I believe in taking photos that will help us remember the day we were all sick, how Daniel played with Perry, and how we didn’t have time to keep our house (or ourselves) tidy, and most importantly… how happy or little boy was when he woke from his naps. Let your baby cry when he is with Santa, get muddy, destroy your house, pick his nose… just be there with a camera in hand.

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  1. i’m in love with the picture of Perry leaning on your husbands knees…i love the idea that he is content and you can see the innocence of the mickey mouse print on his little diaper, lol


  2. Love this post. This is so true, I am determined to bring out my camera more this year to capture those everyday moments. I want my children to look back on our life before they were here and see that their parents were cool! 🙂


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