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Max and Nina getting married!!!! McHenry Maryland Photographer

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a little artsy fartsy stuff:

“Hello… Is it me you’re looking for… I can see it in your eyes… I can see it in your smile … ” Yeah… I have that song stuck in my head today.

I MISSED MY READERS!!! All three of ya.

So I have two weddings and two engagements to show you!
Yes… I am behind too.
Can’t help it…
I have an awesome little son and he’s just taking my time and making it precious.
myyyyy preeeeeeciouuuus….. can’t help myself!!! AHHHH!!!! I MISS BLOGGING!

I just spent some time in Maryland with my dear cousins! Speaking of missing…. i miss them. I am going to make a point to visit more often…. I love Maryland too. I think I found like three new places to live while I was there.
There was snow, and cold, and heated floors, and horses, and wine, and kid hugs, and gourmet food, and chicken in a dish. It was a good time.

One of the reasons we were in Maryland was MAX AND NINA are getting married and I had the pleasure of taking their engagement photos! I am just melting with joy right now! I bet you want to see these…. well…. here they are: ENJOY! Because I did.

Ps. No doubt they will have beautiful children… for real.

Had to share this… It was all kinds of cute:

McHenry on Dwellable

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