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Aaron & Ashley married

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This was a special wedding for me. I shot Ashley’s oldest sister’s wedding back when I first started photography… I followed that one with her other sister’s wedding… Ashley is the youngest and the last to be married… which is sad because their weddings are the most fun.

I grew up with Ashley… The first time we met, Ashley and her sister were standing on one side of our driveway and my siblings and I were on the other… we stared at each other for a bit until one of us initiated play time.
From there on: we had play’s on their porch, ghost stories on ours, ghost in the grave yard, hide n seek, “mother may I”, a game called nightmare, we built go carts with other neighborhood children, roller skated, teased each other, and jumped on trampolines in hopes to kick a bat out of the sky.
I think If I was to ask her if she wanted to play hide n seek with me today, I bet she would say yes.

Aaron and Ashley married at their home. It was laid back and fun. The weather couldn’t be more beautiful. Aaron, you have a super wife… funny, understanding, and playful. Ashley, Aaron is one good looking man… With a kind heart and a n amazing smile! Perfection.

Check out all the photos here.

It took everything I had not to use a Michael Jackson song on this video…. It’s the thought that counts.

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