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Drew, Jennifer, & Peri!!! Wedding at the English Inn


Fall colors.
Beautiful venue.
Emotional ceremony.
Lots of fun children.
Model like guests and party.
Undeniably gorgeous bride and groom.
AND an adorable little flower girl named Peri!

Yes! I met my first Peri besides my own! My husband and my Perry were able to join me for my first wedding since Perry’s birth! Peri approached Daniel, who was cradling our little 3 week old, and asked his name…
“His name is Perry.”
“That’s my name… he’s a boy!”
“Your name is spelled different.”
“oh….ok then.” Peri walks away with approval.

What a wedding to remember for sure. My husband and I still say “Hey, Perry!” to or little one. You see… My heart leaped every time I heard one of the children say, “Hey, Peri!” It was music to my ears! An unforgettable sound to a new mother.

Jenny and I never met before her wedding and I don’t know how we never did! We have similar interests. =) Maybe we will meet again in the future! I hope so!

My favorite part about this wedding besides…well… everything: During the ring exchange, Drew gave Peri a ring and a promise… she gave giggles… followed by lots of tears from the crowd… and myself. His love shines for her as if she was his own. He’s going to be a great addition to her life… as will she in his.

SO many favorites!

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  1. What a remarkable story! I was right in my thinking of him making a promise to the little girl and including her in the ceremony. That is by far the most precious thing I have seen in any wedding. This is a beautiful family and as always, you did such a wonderful job capturing their story and their beauty.


  2. Well, this one got to me more than the others…and I’m sure you know why. Awesome story and pics. So glad you were able to be a part of it.


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