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Ann Arbor Wedding Photographer: Griffin and Kelsey


One of the most classy weddings I’ve ever had the privilege of shooting. It was vintage contour with a touch of sexy…. a category all its own.
This year, weddings will officially be remembered as having the most incredible families. This one was one of the best! Kelsey and Griffin will be amazing and loving parents because their parents and family were amazing and loving themselves.
Even I felt like apart of the family that day!

Mmmmmm and Fist pump to Weber’s. One of the best food and hotel experiences I have had in a long time.

I couldn’t narrow it down to 20 images for a standard blog post. So, I made a slideshow instead. It’s less then four minutes long and the song is awesome… I’ve been waiting for the perfect wedding to use it on.

Ceremony: Matthaei Botanical Gardens
Hair and Make up: Fran Coy Salon

Check out all the photos here

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  1. one of the most special days in the lives of my little soul sister, and now brother!

    we couldn’t of remembered it as well without you jen – thanks again for your unique magic.

    the heat nor rain could stop us!

    nothing but BIG love & happiness foreva & eva & eva eva for our Mr & Mrs James!

    ❤ your sis Crys


      • (: I LOVE YOU too! And may I just say baby Perry is gorgeous – can’t wait to meet him! You have SO much to be proud of! I’ll be in touch via email – and when (more like IF) things ever slow down for you please come visit us at FINAO… I just showed Harold some of your fantastic work again yesterday. You’re all the rage babes! Talk to you soon and THANKS again!

  2. It gave me the chills! Absolutely amazing job at capturing such a loving day! You did fantastic!


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