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In need of a Fantastic home


With baby Perry in our lives, all of our attention has been focused on him. Before Perry our life revolved around two little dogs… Fiona and Puggy. Both amazing dogs. Each with distinct personalities, both cuddly, calm, active, healthy, friendly, & smart. Only one flaw stands in our way of living a peaceful life. They are both dominant and do not like each other. Fighting has led to years of training… preparation for Perry has led to inconsistency then doggie separation. Puggy lives upstairs and Fiona lives downstairs.
My heart breaks for Puggy… being so laid back and in need of less care, she has been put on the back burner when it comes to love. We walk her and let run in the fields every other day, however, that’s not enough… she needs to be snuggled, loved, played with, and talked to. After months and months of putting this off I finally have made the decision to really try to find her a home.

her likes: walks, being picked up, looking out the window, treats, rough housing, toys, sleeping under the covers, soft warm places, outdoors, laps, rides in the car or on the fourwheeler. She gets along with other dogs: preferably larger dogs. And she gets along with any cat that is tolerant of a curious dog (her favorite cat friend is Baxter.. who is a little larger than her and picks on her ). She doesn’t enjoy baths but she does well with them. She listens to stern voices. She knows: “go to your pen”, “sit”, “lay down”, ” out”, “outside”, and “speak”… and many random words… especially in question form. She stays in the yard as long as you show her boundaries. That takes lite training. Does not dig unless it is hot or she is chasing something… but it is very rare… she has never killed anything… well except a bug or two.
She doesn’t dig and she rarely barks (mail man gets her panting and sometimes she will bark when someone pulls in the driveway… well… if she is paying attention)

Downfalls: she likes quiet places.. yelling scares her, doesn’t like spankings… will spook her… a good stern voice always does the trick with her. She chases wheels… a little kid on a big wheel may feel threatened (our fault… we used the fourwheeler as a source of exercise.. she enjoyed chasing it.). We really don’t know how she would react with kids… she enjoys quiet time and doesn’t like to be poked, pinched, and grabed by someone she doesn’t know (me neither). But for the most part she will ignore kids. She shows no interest in Perry. She loves all people though.

Breed: Puddin’ Jack Russell Terrier (short legged and miniature). Brindle Coloring.
Age: 9 years young (Healthy JRTs live to be about 16) We owned her since she was 4 weeks (2.5 pounds!)
Shots updated
One surgery by eye from dog fighting with Fiona and one surgery to check intestines (reaction to corn based food)
Dog food brand: Diamond lamb or chicken

Why we chose her: She’s the easiest to take care of. I know she will be treated well with her easy going nature.

If you know anyone that is interested or if you are and you would like to give her a trial run please email me:

Here is a video of her playing with daniel. She likes to rough house with men =)

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  1. I know she will find a perfect home! When I started playing the video, Koda jumped up and spun around, and Baxter gave me his “gasp” face. I think this is them sending love!


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