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Jackson Families!!!

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I wanted to post these like,…. last week. Sorry for getting behind on blogs.

With the pregnancy comes napping…. and lots of it. =)

It really has been the perfect weather to shoot lately. Not too hot and not too cold… I actually wore a sweater a couple times. But! The MOSQUITOES! I cannot get over how terrible they have been this year… geez.

Autumn and Destiny are sisters and booked their family sessions about a week apart from each other so I thought I would share them both with you!

Oliver is a little ball of energy! And a typical boy with one heck of a story tell when he’s older: He saw ZZTOP (or Z-top is what Oliver calls them) in concert before the age of 2!!! Really!! Very impressive. Very.

Little girls are a dream to shoot! They get to were little dresses and have cute hair! The only difference really between girls and boys: Girls need more attention. This is true in teenagers as well =).
And… yes… even in adulthood =)
Keeping a little girl happy takes some work from the whole family… Which makes for some awesome interacting pictures! yes… loved.

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  1. What wonderful family treasures to be able to keep and look back upon!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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