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The Pregnant Photographer


Yes… I am writing about this. I am a private person and don’t like a whole lot of attention… weird…

So here I go… no more hiding.

I am pregnant…


Having a wee one
(my least favorite) Eggo

I must say, the first thought I had: “What about these weddings!”

Long story short. It will be OK… and so far it has.

First 3 months were a breeze (everyone is different)… call me lucky. With a fantastic-nutritional-mentor-friend-lady (I really don’t know what her title is… so I made one up) and a super-awesome-strong-midwife, I was able to conquer the dreaded first trimester. The trick is to stay active and eat healthy… doesn’t get easier than that.

I did the exact opposite of what the doctor said… I planted a too-big-for-my-yard garden, increased my walking time, Painted two rooms, rode a bike, and did a major photo session every week since I found out.

I did nap from time to time… usually on accident. I would get motivated to do something then my husband would find me face down on the love seat…. 5’8 women don’t normally fit on those. =)

Just had a few real pregnancy “symptoms”: Strawberry cravings, weeping before the title of “The Lion King” even appeared (although I did that anyways), and finally the “she’s gaining some weight” stares.

I thought I would share from time to time, for other photographers mostly, what it is like to do what seems to be the impossible. Shoot a 9-14 hour wedding. An emotional, dehydrating, foodless, napless, sometimes stressful, high energy fun zone.

Wedding 1 through 6 were a breeze (In fact I shot with another pregnant photographer with twins and five other pregnant girls in the same wedding). I learned to pack the following for the future weddings…
Water (lots)
cliff bars
Nuts and dried fruit
Some kind of bread or cracker
extra clothes (I do this anyways… I sweat a lot)
comfy shoes
a second shooter (for the potty breaks)
also and important thing to carry in my back pocket: A professional available primary photographer, ready to take over when I call. I don’t think It will happen… all my weddings are within good time… but it’s good to feel safe.

So far I am enjoying the experience and I am actually pretty OK with the many belly pats that I get from wedding attendants/guests and the silly questions (sometimes sympathy) from the groomsmen.

Here goes. Pretty excited.

Thank you Josh Mccoy for the first photo.

Another pregnant photographer story here

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  1. This is wonderful Jen and the pictures are amazing! πŸ™‚ Your going to be such a wonderful mother, I just know it! I hope that whenever I have a baby I have as much energy as you do. Keep up the great work! πŸ™‚


  2. Pregnancy suits you! you look great! im glad the weddings are going good! excited to see the little one when he or she is born πŸ™‚


  3. LOVE the bump. Yay for coming out!!! I hope things continue to go smoothly for your shoots. Can’t wait to see you in three weeks. Aubrey is no longer a cute baby…but a beautiful girl πŸ™‚


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