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Shawn and Kim Engagement: Mid Michigan Photography


Kim called me a while ago looking for a wedding photographer for her fabulous October wedding…. I, unfortunately, was unavailable… However, I loved talking to beautiful Kim so much that I had to figure out a way to meet her and her fiance. So I offered my engagement services… It worked and my instincts were right. I loved them both even more in person!

Everything seemed to go as…. planned… well… there were a few things.

The entire time I thought I was going to Lansing to do their session… But… at the last minute… I realized I was meeting them at a beautiful park (that I have never heard of until now) right down the road from my town!

We were both stuck in a mini traffic jam on the way.

Apparently Mosquitoes and swans are aggressive. I now have a stock pile of DEET… DEET doesn’t take care of mean swans… but I will figure that out later.

Besides the little adventures: We had an amazing time! The weather was perfect and the park was unforgettable! Did I mention these two were easy to shoot…I am so lucky.

uhum… Swans (Don’t judge me… I was completely helpless.. and with camera)
No one (or thing) was harmed…

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