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Thoughtful Thursday


The title took no thought at all =)

What a fantastic day! It’s nice and cool out, I woke up early (that never happens), I watered our garden (found some lettuce for husband’s lunch), and I am currently helping myself to an omelet. mmhmm… It’s a great day.

I also had a great dream! I don’t usually have good dreams about weddings. Usually they are about me showing up to the ceremony in my underwear…. the unflattering kind.
This dream reminded me of this Kyle and Leslie’s wedding last October. I never really blogged it. But it did make it to the front and center of my website.
This vintage wedding was exciting and memorable. Shot in downtown Indianapolis at the Fountian Square Theatre. I would give anything to have another chance to shoot there!
Kyle, Lesley, and the entire wedding party was extremely friendly, grateful, and flexible! They were a wild bunch too… which makes it fun.

And did I mention Claaaaaaaassy? Oh yes… when they were announced they went right into the first dance. They sat by themselves in front of two stories of guests like royalty. And had one of the best DJs I have ever had come across (see below). I felt like I was hanging at a night club. mmmmhmmmm. This was a huge crowd with lots of wedding details… my assistant turned into a second shooter instantly. I WILL be using her again (see below).

Ladies and gentlemen. Lords and Ladies.
Kyle and Lesley!

My amazing second shooter: Violet Short photography

The greatest DJ ever: Action Jackson

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  1. These pics brought tears to my eyes. Magical, beautiful, and a day they will always remember. Awesome job as always!!


  2. These are INCREEEEEDIBLE!!! Amazing job, and I’m so glad you finally blogged it. The world needed to see!


  3. Fantastic, cinematic photos! I especially love the group shots and the diner shots 🙂 The couple must’ve been thrilled! I found your site via Wedding Gawker & I really wanted to get in touch to see if you’d like to be featured on my UK based wedding blog, Bridal ? I’m always looking for chic or unique weddings to feature. Sorry to write this here but I couldn’t find an email address for you. Mine is please do get in touch if you’re interested. Best wishes, Elizabeth


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