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looking for “Blues Traveler” weather


I feel that every photographer needs a mentor and every photographer should be a mentor. I was lucky to have at least two mentors in my past. When I started photography I wanted only one thing: For my photos to be as good as Michael Metts’ for my scrap books. His photo-journalistic work trained my eye and I looked for every excuse to watch him work. My other mentor is a film photographer. With her I learned to just have fun… We had lots of adventures in the woods, in abandoned buildings, destroying wedding dresses in lakes, and the adrenaline rush of trespassing. I also fell in love with Amanda Campbell’s film techniques and learned that shooting buildings is almost harder for me than shooting people. (she will be posting fine art photos in the near future)

I still use what they have taught me in the work that I do now: The sophisticated and modern look of digital mixed with the grunge and “dangerous” side of film.

I still shoot with my mentors/friends from time to time. This week I had a chance to shoot with Amanda and just had some fun. Yes, trespassing is not a thing of the past…. although.. when I see multiple trespassing signs, I tend to wuss out. Sorry Amanda. =)

As for the weather we are having right now: amazing…. My husband took me out for a drive by shooting yesterday. Camera out the window…heat on high… no stopping.

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  1. Awwwwww such a nice post. All of your building shots are looking good to me! I can’t wait to see the rest. I can’t wait to see mine! Still waiting on my scanner….. Hopefully next week.


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