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one about me…..


So I struggled with finding a simple photo for my new website.

Semi-long story short: My dashing husband came to the rescue…

It went down like this.

sigh* “Honey, this may sound like a weird question…”

“yeah?” from the other room

“could you take a picture of me?”

silence***** “sure…. now?”

“yes, I want to explain to you what I want…. I want a head shot with lots of dead space above me. The background will be the crazy small blue wall in the bathroom. And I have to laugh or smile naturally without showing too much teeth.”

silence***** “sure… how do I make you laugh?”

So, being that he is into slap stick and I am into dry humor… we surprisingly found that “Dumb and Dumber” was something he could quote and I could laugh at.

the results

I ended up going with the one on the left. The right: Me showing him were I wanted me…. the best way I could.

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  1. This is a cute post! I have such a hard time expressing my creative vision through words, so when I want to get a picture of me, it’s either a wordy half-explanation, or a self-timer. We creatives keep life interesting. 🙂 Cute picture! I also like the one where the wall is slightly greener and you are laughing. That shows your darling personality well.


    • YES! I know what you mean! I took me a week to figure out what to say on my about me spot…. I also had a hard time choosing the laugh or the smirk.


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