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Christmas on the blog

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Have you ever had a a blog written out in your head… and when you finally get to writing it…. nothing.
mmmm.. I had so many nice things to say. Like, the fact that I didn’t have to sit next the person with the coughing fit…. just kidding.
Maybe it will all come back to me.
But until then… please enjoy this video.
You must check these guys out live. Next Concert is May 6, 2011.
BETTER YET! If you play or used to play an instrument, Rehearsals are held at Hillsdale Collge Howad music hall from 7-9pm
For more information

Music for the slideshow is from the concert! ENJOY!

Check out the concert on video:

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  1. Lovely pictures, lovely music, lovely all around–I especially like how you used THEIR music for THEIR pics…wonderful. I love classical anyway.

    And also…your snow widget, or whatever it is making it snow on the page? Awesomeness.


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