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Adventure is out there! Ryan and Leah


“Hey… so… would you like to try ‘The Experience’ wedding?”
“What’s that?”
“You and your wedding party will go out and have some fun.. and I will shoot it”

And that’s how it happened. So what did we do for fun? Everything…. we took all the traditional photos at the golf course, then went to the video store, jay walked, had starbucks, frolicked in the produce isle, peed in a river, and so much more…. and to think I offered going to the the ice cream store or something crazy simple like that. What a fun group. Seriously.

the organization… the groom kept everything together… yes… the groom… seriously… there was a list
the colors!! oh, I. am. a. fan.
the wedding party…. one of the best
the cake~ If the cake melts… then it is a dang good cake.

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  1. Such a great job, Jen… yet again! Ryan and Leah look like such a great fun couple, you captured their spirits well 🙂


  2. Wow Jen, that was amazing. Like Leah said I would, I cried huge tears of joy.


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