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Dancing bears, Painted wings, Things I almost remember

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Zach and Lynn had a dream wedding, a secret garden, a classy get away car, a day at the zoo, and animal crackers. These are a few of my favorite things. These two were so charming and undeniably kind! Lynn’s personality made me smile like it was my day! With the help of my friend Michael Metts
I couldn’t ask for a better day at a wedding. This video is a little longer than most… there was just soooo many pictures to choose from!! Let me know what your favorite part is! The Secret garden, the 1920s feel, the carousel, cocktail hour with the giraffes, the dolphins…yes yes… Dolphins… this was the first time i have ever seen bottle nose dolphins! Check out michael metts photos here

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  1. Beautiful work as always Jennifer, really enjoyed the photography class.
    Thanks for all you taught, I’ll never view pictures the same.



  2. I couldnt pick a favorite part!!! Loved it all!


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