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Words of wisdom.

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Words of wisdom… getting a lot of that lately… is this the part where I become an adult!?? Afraid not… and I am glad. I love a challenge and I indulge in science, history, and psychology. I pick up wisdom from stories people tell and stories that people don’t tell. I learn from others mistakes and successes… i also grow from my own. If I listen and watch… I will bring home a new piece of a puzzle… What am I going to be like when I am older? What advice will I store upon a passerby? Have I already displayed wisdom at some point? What would have happened if I took away one bad memory? What would happen if I took away a good memory?

This week, erm… this summer, has been all about learning more about myself and others with the help of wise friends, mentors, and… uhum… facebook statuses.
I hope that you find some meaning in the following.

“Repeating the same thoughts that got you frustrated will get you nowhere: a change in perspective needed” Jesh De Rox Twitter status from a mentor quoting a mentor

“I believe everything happens for a reason. People change so you can learn to let go. Things go wrong so you can appreciate when they are right. You believe lies so you can eventually learn to trust no one but yourself. And sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together” -facebook status from my friend Heather

I had the privilege to indulge my self in conversation with a cardiologist tonight. I mostly listened… he had so many interesting stories. He shared with me his formula of happiness based on his life experiences…

His wisdom has been shared. I cannot wait for my chance to be wise.

I- inclusion
R- respect for self and others
O- open, honest, and DIRECT communication
A- accountability to self and others
R- responsibility for your choices

I have noticed the air is crisp. Summer is coming to an end.
I’ve only done a few summer things… drive-in theater, two bonfires, had plenty of ice cream, and hiking twice.

I must take responsibility for my choices.

Her is a list of my summer goals. If you would like to help me accomplish any of these goals… I would be so thrilled!

due September 30

1. play in puddles or rain
2. use side walk chalk
3. go for a bike ride
4. spend a day an old friend
5. spend a day with each of my family members
6. call my grandparents, give them time to tell a story about their past
7. go camping
8. go fishing
9. roast the perfect marshmallow
10. go boating
11. drink tea on a porch
12. start a project not related to photography
13. play Frisbee and/or fly a kite
14. take a scooter ride to another county
15. Play a board game on a rainy day
16. sit on the beach
18. play hide and seek.. or other equally child like game outside (can’t do this on my own.. hint hint)
19. go on a last minute trip
20. eat a fish dinner

I am currently finishing up a wedding and engagement session. I will be displaying them this week!

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