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You can’t say pardon my French then curse… it’s like saying, “no offense but…”


It doesn’t ease the offensiveness… at all. <—Thought i would throw out a little bit of Husband wisdom your way.

Back in June I had three weddings in a row… Friday in Kalamazoo, Saturday in Hillsdale, and Sunday in northern Detroit. I have yet to share them with you! If I'm going to post sometime… WHY NOT NOW!

I met Leah at a friends sister's wedding I did about two years ago or so. I am always stoked when a bridesmaids or groomsmen seek me out because they know already how I work. It's important to me that my brides and grooms know who i am as a person and not just because they like my work.
Jerome and Leah had a variety of personalities in their wedding party. I enjoy working with groups of this type… it challenges me to really get creative based on one or two members of the group. I try gain their trust.

Favorite part of this wedding: Each table had an individual wedding cake. The couple married the longest, cut the cake… I chose a few tables and had them go through the whole cake cutting process. Super cute!
Reception hall: Johnny T's

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  1. What an awesome idea with the wedding cakes at each table!!! Love it. And LOVE the photos!


  2. Beautiful! I’m so glad you took the time to get a post up… looks like they had a gorgeous wedding.


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