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Photographer, shooting a photographer, shooting photographers in wedding attire.


Sometimes I feel I do not express my gratitude enough. Karina and Michael always welcome us to their home in Chicago…. They are such wonderful hosts… so much so that I have pondered living in Chicago. Michael, Karina, and I tossed around the idea of doing a “Trash the Dress” session for a little while now. This past weekend worked flawlessly! You see, Matt Bigelow , an amazing fashion photographer in Chicago, was looking to do some video work. He wanted to shoot a photographer doing their thing. Since, I was going to do my thing in Chicago… and he was already in that area doing his thing… I thought… Hey! He can shoot my… *pause* session… We met up with Matt at a Caribou Coffee (I’m from Michigan… Caribou coffee is my starbucks). He had a good vibe… But I have to admit… I was a little nervous. I am not used to being in front of the camera. He was very ninja like and stayed away. The angles he found were phenomenal. I am super excited to see what he came up with.

I would also like to add that Matt and Michael are both off-camera-flash-guys (it’s a guy thing.. all that technical stuff)… I am an available light kinda girl. I very rarely use a flash to keep that vintage box camera feel. My style will someday fizzle and the off camera, high fashion, flash will soon become something I need to get comfortable with. Matt was gracious enough to give me some pointers and took me out of my comfort zone for a single shot before being escorted off of private property. I will work on it Matt. You’ll see…
I can’t wait to see Matt’s video!
The last photo in the slide is composed by Matt Bigelow. Check out his site here

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  1. !!!!

    So awesome, thank you so much! Thank you for letting me sneak along side you guys while you shot, I had a blast.

    GREAT work you created here, I love them all. I was so interested to see what you would pull from it, as its always such a mystery not seeing through the same lens as the other. Very impressed.


    Can’t wait to get some time to work on the video for you guys!!!

    Keep on keepin on.



  2. Oh my word! Soooo good!
    You have such a great eye! I love it!
    It was so fun. You are so fun!


  3. Great shots. Great photographer. And amazing subjects. I’d love you all, even if I didn’t already love you all. πŸ™‚


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