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Unsolved Mysteries… Solved


Crazy things happen to us when we travel together so, last summer Daniel and I went camping in our backyard. What could possibly happen?  Aliens… Aliens happened.  Just kidding… OK… so the thought crossed my mind.  A frightening noise came from our yard.  Like a woman screaming! It echoed all around us. Like a child, I put my head under the covers hoping that it would just go away. I don’t care how hot I got… I was not budging.  My husband was being quiet and focusing on what it could be… he ruled out owl, badger, bob cat, woman, coon, big foot, flamingos…

“Aliens,” I whispered from the cover… he laughed.. but i was dead serious.

We high tailed it to the house…

The next morning we check things out… I looked for yard circles and he looked for animal tracks.

So we told the story about the strange sounds in our backyard around the many bon fires we had during the summer and fall.


I can stop telling these stories.  Because…


I solved the mystery.


Aliens Foxes.

Have a good weekend!

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  1. I think you solved one of my mysteries, too. During a camping trip.

    Same sound.

    Thanks 😉


    • it’s crazy how many people have been spooked by that sound. Who knew such a little fuzzy creature could make such a noise! Thank you for stopping by!


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