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Going back back back


I feel like I’m all over the place with my blogs and websites… So I thought I would get a fresh start and delete some of my old stuff. And…. add another.  I chose WordPress because..well… a large amount of people told me to do it… I know.. Peer pressure… I’m Weak.  My friend Michael is also on WordPress… I like his layout.  It’s what I want to go for.  I like the Simplicity… It’s like going from Myspace to Facebook.

So my first topic.  SHOPPING!

I love vintage… I use it in my work flow, in my home, and now in my clothing!  Thank you Ashley for this.  I spent most of my day at this sight.

I believe I found my new ball gown

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  1. I LOVE this website. The only thing is that every time I find a dress that I really like….it’s sold out!!

    But that dress is perfect and would look great on you!!


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